IOQM 2023 Live Answer Key

3 September 20231 minutesviews

I would be posting the answer key to IOQM 2023 in this blog. I would be discussing the answers of IOQM with MOMCers. I am unable to update this blog instantaneously, so as I solve/discuss the problems, I will add the answers to this spreadsheet. Good luck for the exam folks!

As everyone knows, this was the hardest IOQM ever. I believe that Class 8-11 cutoff is 20\leq 20 in all states whereas Class 12 cutoff is 25\leq 25. My heartiest good luck to all aspirants for clearing IOQM :)

6th September Edit: The official answer key is out! Check it out here. Also, the first RMO mock would likely be released next week. Stay tuned!