IOQM 2023 Blueberry Mock Three

13 August 20232 minutesviews

This article contains spoilers for the mock test.

I recommend attempting the problems before proceeding to read the article. You can download the problems and the answer key using the buttons below.

This is the seventh IOQM Mock test from MOMC. The problems are collected from CMIMC 2021, and some 2 markers from Purple Comet: P4, P8 and P9. All the credit and authorship of the problems belongs to their respective sources.

This mock is noticeably harder than the previous blueberries. The source of the mock largely determines the difficulty of the mock. CMIMC is a difficult, yet high quality contest. P24 is my favourite problem from this mock. Although 3D geo is not specifically mentioned in the IOQM syllabus, it pops up sometimes, and I want my mocks to prepare you for all possible situations.

This is the CODS difficulty rating for today's mock:


As you can see above, the 5 markers are on average quite difficult. However, there are 44 problems which are 2\leq 2 CODS and all the previous mocks included at most 33 such problems. Hence, this mock tests your problem selection abilities.

Random life update: I had the TOEFL exam recently, and luckily everything went well on the day of the test. So, I scored an impressive 111/120. I got 29/30 in Reading, 28/30 in Listening, and 27/30 in Speaking and Writing. I was mostly afraid of the speaking section, as I don't speak English regularly. But I did reasonably well on it. I am happy with my score :)