IOQM 2023 Cake Mock Two and Statistics of Mocks

30 August 20234 minutesviews

This article contains spoilers for the mock test.

I recommend attempting the problems before proceeding to read the article. You can download the problems and the answer key using the buttons below.

This is the tenth and final IOQM Mock test from MOMC Season 2! The problems are collected from ARML 2015 Local HMMT February 2018 and 2019. All the credit and authorship of the problems belongs to their respective sources.

Mock Statistics are available

There are a lot of things that I want to discuss, so let's dive right in. Firstly, the Great Filter IOQM is right around the corner. It is time to look back at your journey. You should trust your hard work and hours of dedication that you have put into your preparation for this exam. I believe in you; you have got this!!

I feel that this mock is slightly harder than Cake 1. I have tried to pick problems that are of IOQM flavour. Coming to the problems, the 3 markers are rich in geometry, whereas the 5 markers are full of combinatorics. I would personally predict that IOQM 2023 will be rich in combinatorics 5 markers as well. P22, 26 and P29 are my personal favourites. The subject distribution of the mock is as follows:

AlgebraCombinatoricsGeometryNumber Theory

I feel that it is important to have statistics of problems to accurately gauge the difficulty of problems. Moreover, you must analyse all the past mocks. Having a difficulty rating for each problem would be quite handy while analysing mistakes. This is because problem selection is one of the most important skills for an IOQM aspirant. Therefore, I have decided to make a very short Google form for each of the ten mocks to gather basic statistics. If my mocks were helpful during your preparation, please consider filling in the very short form about the mocks. I will try to post the statistics a day or two before IOQM, so be sure to fill in the forms before then! Note that I have also added the links of the forms in the respect problem and answer-key PDFs as well.

This is the CODS difficulty rating for the mock:


On Sunday, I will be solving and discussing the IOQM problems with MOMCers and will try to come up with an answer key as quickly as possible. It would be posted on this spreadsheet. Furthermore, there will be weekly RMO mocks from next week, as promised.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting my blog. The growth is just mind-blowing. We have reached 12000 views and 7000 total downloads! (2nd September Update: It is now 15k views and 9k downloads!!)

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On an unrelated note, I recently had a trip to the dentist to get some fillings in two of my teeth. Honestly, it wasn't as painful as I expected it to be, and it took only half an hour. However, yesterday he literally drilled into all my teeth to perform descaling which I didn't even need...

Apart from that, I had the SAT last weekend; it was kind of difficult, so I don't have any good guesses for my score. Fingers crossed!